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My current focus is on assisting private viable small cap companies to raise capital in USA via the JOBS ACT Title III and through various other SEC exemption rules. Companies in the technology and or health space are of particular interest to me.  I consult companies on restructuring, turn arounds, and have assisted many public company clients to deal with aggressive short sale of their stock. I’m an accredited investor and frequently take a stakeholder position in companies of interest with other groups. 

I have a no nonsense approach to business and I call it as I see it. Being in a public spot light, comes criticism and slander lawsuits from short sellers and others with hidden agenda, which proved otherwise. I strive for a WIN WIN scenario between my clients their stakeholders and their shareholders. I constantly remind clients who marry their portfolio that stock market is a net zero gain game.  

I have extensive knowledge in macro finance, creative financing, real estate, franchising, and licensing matters. I follow economic trends; however, I do not consider myself to be an analyst. I did monetize and capitalized on the real estate boom on the late 80s’, the Dot-com craze of 90s’, and the subprime finance of mid-2000s’ (’01-’06). I operated a successful company in each of these market uptrends. 


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macro finance, creative financing, real estate, franchising, and licensing matters, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investments, Private Equity,Entrepreneurship,Real Estate,Venture Capital, Start-ups, Finance, Funding, Business Development, Corporate Development,Due Diligence,